Rubber City/New Podcast/Not Dead

Hey everyone! I’ve been accepted in The Rubber City Comedy Festival in Akron, Ohio. Add that to The North Carolina Comedy Festival and Oak City as TBD festivals, hopefully later in 2020.

I’m starting a podcast. Expect the first episode sometime in July. Other then that, follow my social, drop me a line, let’s talk for hours. If you’re funny, let’s write a pilot together. Who gives a shit.

Can’t wait to get back on stage. Hope you’ll be there when I do. In Akron, Ohio. Stay safe. Till then.

New Fest Dates & Content

The festivals I was performing in March and May have been TENATIVELY re-scheduled. I’ll be in Greensboro on 6/10 in The North Carolina Comedy Festival. Then on 10/7 I’m in Raleigh for Oak City. Hopefully. You get it.

I’ve got content ideas. Trying to stay busy and keep you laughing. Here’s something I made today. CLASSIC ME! More to come. Stay safe.

No caption. Move along.

Thin The Herd Podcast

“Thin The Herd w/ Alex Gettlin” is the #1 podcast in American history.

I met Alex Gettlin at a live comedy show and he asked me to drop by and do his podcast. This is three weeks ago before “live comedy shows” and “dropping by” were figments of our imagination. We were so young. To think how much television I’ve watched since then.


To support Alex’s work, follow @thintheherd & @houserulespod. Or crash his wedding. If you listen to the podcast, it seems like he’s cool with anyone in or around LA county just showing up.


Everything except Oak City Comedy Festival is postponed and/or cancelled. My show, local shows, festivals, and the JFL audition just ate it.

This sucks. I guess follow my social media to stay up to date? In case you’re about to die and you’re like “what’s Erick tweeting about”. You can do that.

Just For Laughs Showcase at NCCF

Big news! I’m auditioning for JFL on March 25th at 7pm at The Idiot Box in Greensboro, NC. Tickets are available by clicking here. If you live in the area, come out and support. I’m excited for the showcase and thankful to the team at NC Comedy Festival for the opportunity!