The Family Haircut-Ups Halloween Show!

My team Family Haircut just put on a VERY special show…we played a short-form team having their New York City debut spoiled by a unexpected guest on Halloween. I’m smiling just thinking about it…this is in my pantheon of all-time great shows and I wanted to share it! Click here to watch The Family Haircut-Ups get haunted!

Family Haircut-ups

Click me to watch!

New PIT Classes In November

Exciting news; I have two Level 0 classes on Thursdays and Saturdays starting next month! A course is 4 weeks and it’s designed for improv beginners. It’s no pressure and a lot of fun, hopefully I’ll see you there. Later guys, and thanks again for checking the site.


My good friend Christy has an incredible podcast and I was recently a guest. You can hear my episode The Big Cheese by clicking the hyperlink! It’s a great listen and I get super vulnerable…don’t miss it!

Food Psych 2


Project Updates

It’s been a crazy month so…updates! I was recently cast in an episode of Truth or Dare, a new web-series for MTV other created by my good friend Joe Schiappa. It was an awesome experience as I got to work with some incredibly talented friends; I’ll make sure to post once it’s online. Additionally I was just cast as the lead in a short film that’s directed by Jacqueline Dow and starts shooting next month.

You can still see me every Wednesday at 8pm with Family Haircut at The PIT. I also produce and perform in BOOM!, which makes it’s long awaited return to the stage on Thursday, November 7th at 7:00pm.

Thank you guys for checking in; I hope all is well and I’ll see you around!

Talk Party Podcast with J.W. Crump

I was recently invited on the Talk Party podcast with J.W. Crump and Chris Teja: click here to listen to the episode! Make sure to check out Talk Party on iTunes—it’s free and a great listen. Thanks for checking in!

Talk Party Erick