Saved By The Bell: The Lost Episodes!

I’m playing Zack Morris in “Saved By The Bell: The Lost Episodes”  tomorrow night at The PIT! It’s an incredible cast featuring my friends Gary and Phil (Family Haircut), Tanisha (Girl Code), Chris and Meg (The Baldwins), and Langston & Nick (G.U.S.). Hopefully I’ll see you guys there!

Zack and Kelly

Funny or Die (Hall & Oates)

Hey guys, the Hall and Oates video I made is on the front page of Funny or Die! Click on this link to vote “Funny”—it takes two seconds and it will make me a millionaire!

Hall & Oates: A Montage Within a Montage…

It’s here!!! This was the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot. The writer/director Boris Khaykin created a fantastic sketch, my friend David Carl kills it as Daryl Hall, and the crew of Greg Brainos, Teresa Lee, Feliks Khaykin and Johnny Sousa was incredible to work with. I’m so proud of the sketch; it still makes me laugh—I hope you enjoy and can share it with friends! Click here or on the photo to watch.

Oates Moustache

Updates Updates Updates!

UPDATE TIME: I shot a comedy short with my talented friends David Carl and Boris Khaykin—anxiously awaiting it’s release! This week I have four shows (view upcoming performances here) and a few coaching gigs, so my inner improv nerd is fulfilled. Yesterday I booked the lead in a short film that starts shooting in April, and last month I booked two voice-over gigs through my agent at Abrams. I’ve also begun corporate workshops with Warby Parker and MakerBot, two innovative companies doing great work. All these hyperlinks feel like name-dropping. Maybe Hyperlink-dropping?  Let’s get hyperlink-dropping into the lexicon…thanks for checking the site!



It’s a nerdy, industry-related update today; apparently I’m on IMDb for my work on “Money From Strangers”. I’m very proud of the’s to hoping for a Season 3 and more acting credits (soon to come).