Tinder App in Real Life

I don’t use Tinder, but I was recently used BY Tinder…I just shot a fun, man-on-the-street sketch with the very talented Dave Adhoot and Ethan Fixell (Dave & Ethan)! You can see the full sketch and the outtakes by clicking on the hyperlinks.

My VTech Commercial

Hey everyone! If you have a minute, and more specifically, two seconds at the beginning of that minute, you can see my first national commercial airing right now. Check it out here!

True Story Improv Comedy Podcast

Fun update guys; I just sat in on the “True Story Improv Comedy” podcast! I did their live show two years ago and loved it, so I was really excited to do this new episode. You can subscribe to TSIC here. My episode features yours truly, the talented Abbie Harper, Lynn Bixenspan, hosts Sean Duffy and Jordan Wolff. To listen, click here.

True Story


The Family Haircut-Ups Halloween Show!

My team Family Haircut just put on a VERY special show…we played a short-form team having their New York City debut spoiled by a unexpected guest on Halloween. I’m smiling just thinking about it…this is in my pantheon of all-time great shows and I wanted to share it! Click here to watch The Family Haircut-Ups get haunted!

Family Haircut-ups

Click me to watch!

New PIT Classes In November

Exciting news; I have two Level 0 classes on Thursdays and Saturdays starting next month! A course is 4 weeks and it’s designed for improv beginners. It’s no pressure and a lot of fun, hopefully I’ll see you there. Later guys, and thanks again for checking the site.