Barely Making It L.A. Has a New Website!

Our weekly show at Skiptown Playhouse has a new website. Check us out at the freshly created, brand new—  We have a newsletter you can sign up for that lets you know when we have big comics on the show. And of course, like our FB page for updates and weekly line-ups!
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My “Best of The Fest” Set at BCH 2018

I recorded a set from The Burbank Comedy Festival; check it out by CLICKING HERE or on the photo!

Erick’s set @ The Burbank Comedy Festival

Semi-Finals For VCF

QUICK UPDATE: The next round for the Ventura Comedy Festival is on Wednesday, August 29th at 9pm at The Ventura Harbor Comedy Club!

The Ventura Comedy Festival

Last night I advanced to the semi-finals for The Ventura Comedy Festival. It’s a great club, highly recommend checking out a show and supporting the venue. My show dates are TBD, will announce as soon as I get them!Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 11.37.12 AM

Burbank Comedy Festival’s “Best Of The Fest”


Performance Dates for The Burbank Comedy Festival

The Burbank Comedy Festival kicks off Sunday and I’m in the main room opening night! Click the photo for my other shows in the festival, or check in the Upcoming Performances tab on the right for more info.
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Barely Making It L.A. RETURNS August 27th!

It’s back, baby! Come see Barely Making It L.A. at The Skiptown Playhouse on Monday, August 27th at 7:30pm. It’s FREE with a suggested $5 donation. We’re booking great comedic acts every week, so come on out!BarelyMILA

The Show That Never Sleeps

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My friends Gary, Mahesh and Brad are producing a NYC-based comedy show in LA and I’m hosting the first show. Click on the poster for more details!

Got Two Hours To Kill?

I worked on The Joel McHale Show for a few weeks. Everyone there is awesome. They have six new episodes that are binge-able now, so check them out and support a great show!screen-shot-2018-02-27-at-9-20-05-pm

New York City Shows!

Happy July 4th! I’m in NYC and I have shows. Come on out and I’ll complain about LA traffic like I forgot about the NYC subway.

  • July 6th – 10pm @ The Creek
  • July 8th – 8pm at VSpot Organic
  • July 9th – 8pm at Gotham

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