Stand-Up Show in Staten Island

Tomorrow night at 10:30, I’m on the bill for in Comedy at Marie’s in Staten Island. Do you like good Italian food, stand-up comedy and Staten Island? If you answered yes to all three, I’ll see you there!maries-gourmet

Big News for May!

I just booked an online gig that will be starting very soon! Additionally, we’ve started pre-production for a soon to be announced tv pilot that I’ve written and star in. Check out my upcoming performances (look to your right) and come see some live comedy while I work on these new projects!

Barely Making It Starts MAY 11th!!

Barely Making It is back on May 11th at The Creek & The Cave. Like us on Facebook by clicking the photo below!13086748_1070068833036139_1587962662841047513_o

Updates For The Month

Death (1)


Hey guys! This month I’m focusing on a few exciting projects. Firstly, we just found out that my stand-up show, Barely Making It, will be running weekly at The Creek & The Cave starting May 11th. Additionally, my good friend Tom Lisi and I just started a podcast called “Bad Sport Report”—we recorded our first episode today.  Lastly, I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a script with my writing partner Chris Aurilio. It centers around a character we wrote named “Death”…you may be familiar with him. Check out THIS VIDEO for a taste of what our script will look like! As always, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Ally Bank Commerical – Vacation

My commercial for Ally Bank is still running. CLICK HERE or on the photo to watch; feel free to share it online!

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 4.10.20 PM