Check out my WE THE INTERNET TV debut!

Hey guys, here’s my first sketch as one of the hosts of We The Internet TV! In addition to working with a cool group of people, I get to host with the very talented Liz Galalis. She’s my girlfriend. That’s right, a comedy couple news team! Watch the video here and share with your friends!
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Huge Line-up For Barely Making It Tonight



Come on out to The Creek to see Barely Making It. I’m hosting a killer line-up that features Mark Normand (Conan) & Anthony P. Devito (This American Life).

My jokes will be funny too. LIKE US on Facebook; it’s a free show every Wednesday at 8pm @ The Creek.

Starting A New Job Today…

This week I start at We The Internet. I’ll be acting in sketches, working the news desk and contributing content for the group. Super excited…as soon as there’s some stuff with or written by me, you’ll see it here!

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Stand-Up Show in Staten Island

Tomorrow night at 10:30, I’m on the bill for in Comedy at Marie’s in Staten Island. Do you like good Italian food, stand-up comedy and Staten Island? If you answered yes to all three, I’ll see you there!maries-gourmet

Big News for May!

I just booked an online gig that will be starting very soon! Additionally, we’ve started pre-production for a soon to be announced tv pilot that I’ve written and star in. Check out my upcoming performances (look to your right) and come see some live comedy while I work on these new projects!