Oak City Comedy Festival

Oak City is my fourth festival this year! I’ll be in Raleigh from May 20-24th. I’ll likely book multiple N.C. venues in the coming weeks, so check the TIX page for info on when/where to see me!

Quick 2020 Updates

Sioux Falls & Sno Jam rocked. I’m in Hawaii in Feb for ACF, then North Carolina in March for NCCF. I’m booking enough gigs (local and road) that I’m adding a show/tix tab soon. Follow Death. We’re closing in on 4,000 followers on our way to 10,000. Also, follow me. And I have a big announcement in March.

The Aloha Comedy Festival!

I’ll be in Honolulu for The 1st Annual Aloha Comedy Festival at the end of Feb! Showtimes, venue and ticket info is coming, so check back for details!

One More 2019 Post…

I’ve never performed for people in the Witness Protection Program…UNTIL NOW! I’ve been accepted into The 2020 Sno Jam Comedy Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! Dates are Jan. 23rd-25th with venue and ticket info coming soon!

Holiday Shows & A 2019 Thank You

Tis the season for self promotion…

I’ve listed the shows I have booked coming up, starting tomorrow and running through the year. There will be shows added in NYC and DC after 12/26, so check back on my “See Erick” tab if you want to catch me on the east coast!

As this is likely my last post for 2019, I want to say thank you for all the support this year with my AGT appearance, Death Insta, and all of you that came to support when I performed in your city.

Have a great holiday season. Thx for being a fan. Now let’s all go gain 10 pounds in two weeks.