Erick Hellwig is a comedian, writer and actor living in LA. He has appeared on America’s Got Talent (NBC), Greatest Party Story Ever (MTV), Brain Games (Nat Geo), national tv commercials & more. Erick has written for Money From Strangers (MTV) and created the half hour comedy pilot Death Lives. He also produces the stand-up show Barely Making It L.A. and @DeathLivesTV on Instagram.

Erick performs in comedy clubs across the country. He’s also been featured in 20+ comedy festivals since 2018 including The North Carolina Comedy Festival, Big Pine, Westside Showdown, Burbank, Ventura, Sioux Falls, San Diego, Harlem, Charm City, Oak City, Boston Comedy Arts & The Aloha Comedy Festival.

Wanna contribute? Erick is accepting applications for a website bio ghostwriter. The job is full-time, unpaid, and includes physically preposterous manual labor. Once hired, you will have to fire Gary, his current intern and long-time family friend who always takes it personal.

Pandemic/Race Riot Update: Erick is currently alive.