Mar 01

March Updates

Hey guys! I’m getting settled in LA, weather is great,  and I have something exciting to announce around the beginning of April. Stay posted for some Death Lives news in a few weeks…

Feb 23

Barely Making It LA



Hey guys, I’m out in LA, and excited to announce that we’ve confirmed Barely Making It LA will be starting up on April 10th at 8pm at Bar Lubitsch in Hollywood.

Tix are $5, and we will have some great guests, and we’ll be looking to build from there. It’ll be a great time to come out, see some live comedy, and see me!

Also it’s like six weeks away…plenty of time to cancel all your plans!

Jan 19

Moving Day

Today’s the day. My fiancee and I are driving across the country and moving to Los Angeles. I moved to NYC 9+ years ago. Places that became career homes for me were Brooke & Mary Casting, Abrams Artists Agency, The Ken Schatz StudioThe PIT & The Creek and The Cave. To all the people who taught, studied and worked at those places, thanks for everything. Thanks to all the comics who did my show or had me on theirs…Barely Making It will be in LA come April, so keep an eye out. Thanks to my family and friends for the years of encouragement. We’re off to bigger things. I realize the photo is a little misleading because technically we’re walking TOWARDS the California wildfires, but you get it, right? Thanks to you for frequenting my website for the last few years, and regardless of where you are, I hope you keep coming back for updates. I’ll we working all over the country in the coming years, so keep an eye out for those shows and if I’m in a city near you coming up.


Alright, enough of this sappy stuff. Time for a road trip.
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.32.43 AM

Jan 12

Promo for Comedians On The Loose

CLICK HERE to see my face on the big board! Should be a great show one week from today, as well as my last show in NYC before the move!

Jan 01

Happy New Year!!! BIG NEWS INCLUDED…

If you’re reading, I hope you had a great holiday season. In less then three weeks, I’m moving to Los Angeles. Shows and such are slowing down for me as we prepare for the move, but hopefully things will be picking up with LA shows very soon as we start our journey on the West Coast. Thanks to everyone in NY for all the support…tell your friends in LA to keep an eye out for me.

- Erick

Dec 19

Tattooed Momedy

I’m in Philly next Tuesday for Tattooed Momedy! Come on out Philly…you’ll be glad you did!36336

Dec 06

Character Select is This Saturday!



Look at this guy without a mic!

I’m doing one of my favorite shows in the city and would love to see some people. It’s called Character Select and it’s this Saturday, December 9th at 6pm at The Triple Crown Ale House (show is downstairs).


It’s free. Great line-up. Hope to see you there!


Nov 24

Death @ Solocom (Video)

Here’s the video from my live show featuring Death! CLICK HERE to enjoy the video, like our FB page and stay tuned for more details on our TV pilot!Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 4.28.30 PM

Nov 18

Creek Bros @ The Creek

I’m on a killer line-up tonight at The Creek for Creek Bros! How many times an I gonna say “creek”…we get it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 3.23.51 PM

Nov 15

Death @ Solocom

Our friend Death takes the stage for “Death at Solocom at The PIT” tomorrow night at 9pm—drop by if you can and watch the Grim Reaper tell jokes, sing, and dance.

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