I’ve taught improvisation and stand-up at The PIT & Manhattan Comedy School in NYC. I also ran workshops for Google, Visa, Warby Parker, NYU, Columbia, and many more. Check out my reviews below.



“After taking an improv class with Erick as my instructor, I thought my coworkers at Google would really benefit from working with him. We invited Erick to lead our team of 12 in a range of creative, team building activities. It was amazing to the see the change in group’s collective attitude from the beginning of the day and then following Erick’s time with us. Normally shy group members were talking and sharing more, everyone visibly more comfortable with each other. It brought us closer and helped a group of very different people relate to each other in new ways, ultimately making it more enjoyable and effective to work with each other on a daily basis. I highly recommend Erick for any of your team building needs!” – Rachel Inman, Google Team Leader  

“I hired Erick to create and run a workshop for 40 high school seniors and he was great! He was professional, creative, and the schools arts program has since asked us back. Erick went above and beyond to prepare a great program and then executed it with passion and high energy. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to run a workshop—he was phenomenal.” – Chris Aurilio, General Manager at The PIT

“Erick is an incredible instructor. He was able to deliver incredible results as an instructor and received rave reviews during his time with MCS. In all my years of running a comedy school, he is simply the best I’ve worked with.” – Andy Engel, Manhattan Comedy School

“Erick got me out of head and into the scene! He gives specific exercises to strengthen an improvisers weaker areas, and compliments that by identifying strengths and helping you make the most of them.” – Jamie Aderski, Director of Improv at The PIT

“A fun, accessible coach who pinpoints exactly what a scene needs to get his students creating honest, believable work on stage.” – Hayley Raphael

” He has a great sense of a performers unique strengths and challenges—he works with students individually and as a team to bring out the best in everyone.” - Christy Harrison

“The mark of a great improv teacher is if you can hear their voice guiding you in a scene. Erick is my voice. He taught me to let my scene partner affect me, and that if I ever get lost in a scene, the answer is always in my partners eyes.” – Bernard Maynore

“When Erick coached my team he facilitated both group development and individual growth. He taught us to play with emotional depth and encouraged us to take risks.” – Colleen Goodhue

“The best thing about Erick’s coaching is that he takes the time to give individual attention to everyone. He pinpoints strengths and weaknesses quickly and then applies that knowledge to facilitate growth. Most importantly, he’s always upbeat and positive. His love of improvisation illuminates his coaching sessions.” – J.W. Crump